Will you show "Ruby" some love?  We hope she is "Lucky" enough to be fully sponsored! image

Will you show "Ruby" some love? We hope she is "Lucky" enough to be fully sponsored!

Your sponsorship of "Ruby" will help to cover her $3,000 in care for this year.

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"Ruby" is a 10 year old miniature horse and an essential member of our therapy team. She was donated to Victory Hill when we opened in June of 2020. Prior to her arrival here she was waiting off property to be used at another Therapeutic Riding Center that did not have room for her at that time and was being cared for by a neighbor of the center. Before that she was purchased from a dealer by a lovely family and she taught their young children how to ride and jump over small jumps. We believe her history before that is rooted in the Mennonite community. Legend has it that she would often be seen pulling an adult and a child in a cart with another child on her back as they headed into town. There is no question that this mini horse had to work extremely hard in her early years. As a result, she now suffers from a joint issue called "upward fixation of the patella". We are exercising her daily to strengthen her hind end and help her overcome this disability. She is a very talented horse who can walk, trot, canter and jump under saddle as well as pull a cart! We hope to acquire a mini cart one day so she can show off this skill!

Ruby is the perfect addition to our therapy team as she works with many young children who come to Victory Hill for a variety of reasons. Some need help with their mental and emotional health and others are working hard to adapt to living with physical or developmental disabilities. She is always the first to greet visitors as she must come check if you have treats for her! She is as sweet as she is adorable!