Will you show "Mercury" some love?  We hope he is "Lucky" enough to be fully sponsored! image

Will you show "Mercury" some love? We hope he is "Lucky" enough to be fully sponsored!

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"Mercury Blues" Has A Special Place in Our Hearts

"Mercury Blues" aka "Mercury" or "Merc" is a 28 year old AQHA registered Quarter Horse. He has a special place in our hearts because he was the first horse our founder, Laurie Bryceland, ever owned. Her special bond with "Mercury", and his influence on her son with autism, inspired her to move into the field of Equine Assisted Activities. The farm that is currently the home of Victory Hill was built just for "Mercury"! So we would not exist today if it were not for this beautiful black gelding. Before his career as a therapeutic horse at Victory Hill, he was a performance horse showing in both English/ Hunter Jumpers and Western Pleasure. He won 100's of blue ribbons with his rider, Raeanne Bryceland, and taught many children how to ride in both disciplines. He is a very patient and forgiving with riders of all abilities. Mercury requires special supplements to keep his joints and digestive system healthy. He also requires a high calorie grain and lots of extra hay because he is a little tough to keep weight on. His wise and gentle nature, as well as his 16-hand stature, make him one of the favorites among teens and adults. He is our "Black Beauty" and has a special way of healing trauma and making a lasting difference to those he works with!

Merc will be turning 29 years old in May of 2022 and he now requires a little extra TLC. He has developed severe cataracts that make his eyesight significantly impaired. However, he remains the proud and independent leader of our herd. His strength and perseverance impress us every day! We hope to enjoy his kind heart and loving nature for many years to come!