Will you show "Lacey" some love?  We hope she is "Lucky" enough to be fully sponsored! image

Will you show "Lacey" some love? We hope she is "Lucky" enough to be fully sponsored!

Your sponsorship of "Lacey" will help to cover her $3,000 in care for this year.

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"Lacey's" Triumph Over Her Traumatic Past!

"Heaven's Blue Lace" aka "Lacey", born in 2006, has a unique story that involves quite a bit of trauma in her past. Prior to coming to Victory Hill TH, she was rescued by an equine rescue group in Pennsylvania who seized her from her owner due to poor living conditions and neglect. She was being transported routinely in a conversion van, along with 2 unruly ponies, to events to be used for pony rides. The van was not safe and did not even allow for her to raise her head to a comfortable height. When we adopted her from the rehabilitator, she was still emotionally "shut down" from years of mistreatment and trauma. She showed no emotion and had no confidence. She was completely withdrawn, very leery of the other horses and did not know how to think for herself.

With lots of love, training and the best quality care, "Lacey" has really come into her own and now does not hesitate to tell you how she feels about something! We love her new confidence and spunky personality! She is our go to pony for Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding. She is also a perfect pony for teaching others how to overcome their trauma because she completely understands where they are coming from!